About Us

c21 Publishing is an indie provider of innovative college readiness resources

Our mission is to unlock the full 21st Century potential of each student. We identify gaps in knowledge and skills and create engaging, efficient, and effective content to fill those gaps.


Our curriculum focuses on real world 21st century skills. We partner with educators around the globe to bring essential 21st century knowledge into the classroom and improve the lives of all students.

Who says serious learning can’t be accomplished with a few smiles? Whether it’s financial literacy, study skills, or college knowledge, our resources are student-friendly with comics, cartoons, and fun trivia to engage and maintain students’ interest from start to finish in every lesson.

We also promise to give teachers a break. Our resources are fully classroom ready, turnkey and easy to teach. Lessons come loaded with (free!) instructional bells and whistles such as classroom slides, vocabulary flashcards, and Teach-the-Teacher podcasts to make teaching our programs a breeze. They’re also easy on the budget.

Meet our middle school cousin:

You may have already met Tween Publishing, c21’s middle school cousin. Tween’s programs include the ever-popular work habits and organizational skills curriculum The Middle School Student’s Guide to Ruling the World!, The Middle School Student’s Guide to Study Skills, and The 21st Century Student’s Guide to College.